December 21, 2010 Market Update

We started the week with an overhaul by the Ministry of Finance of the Appreciation Tax here in Israel. In an attempt to bring more […]Read more

Maximize Your Space!

When you move to Tel Aviv, you’re definitely moving up as far as convenience, social life, and cultural activity, but no
matter where you came from, […]Read more

December 14, 2010 Market Update

December 14, 2010 Market Update

So who is buying apartments these days? As 2010 winds to a close, it’s not so easy to be a buyer in Tel Aviv. In order to enter into any real estate transaction one needs a certain degree of security, and it’s hard to have any sense of security when every day there seems to be a new article in any one of the newspapers here in Israel or elsewhere in the world, none of which says the same thing. One paper, for example,  last week remarked, “Is the Real Estate Market cooling? 3rd Quarter sees a drop in real estate transactions to its lowest point since 2006.” Meanwhile, just the very next day, another paper’s headline read, “Is the joy a bit premature? The real estate bubble is beginning to inflate as demand for apartments jumps 13.7% in October.”

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