What Our Clients Have To Say…

The Maki Group is passionate about providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction available in the Tel Aviv Real Estate marketplace. Here’s what some of our clients have to say…

“Great knowledge on real estate business and was able to get me a better deal than anyone else in a very fast time frame. Need I say more? Will be back soon” – Maite P, Zurich

“I can’t recommend the Maki Group highly enough. Their support and services go well beyond anything  described in advance and is truly more akin to a personal assistant than a property manager. When we moved in they helped us set up all the services, deal with the bureaucracy and they have stood with us whenever there has been any problem whatsoever. The Maki Group has been available whenever we call them or has promptly returned our messages and our property manager’s devotion and commitment have been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. Being an immigrants themselves has made them more than just sympathetic to our issues but has made it possible for them to give us invaluable advice and assistance on everything from banking and shipping to where to shop for the best beds or whatever. They even helped us find, evaluate, and supervise contractors for repairs and renovations. Truly without the Maki Group acting as a bridge for us with our property and our immigration it would have been a very different experience. Big big fan.” – Gadi M, San Francisco

“The Maki Group is a breath of fresh air in the Tel Aviv property scene; plugged into the market with a constant stream of interesting new properties to view. Reliable and honest individuals. I find them to be a pleasure to work with.” – Giles G, London

“Finally real estate agents who care for buyers too in the extremely seller oriented TA market. I’m lucky to have found them! – David H, Frankfurt

“The Maki Group offered service and insight far beyond that of many industry veterans I have encountered. They take a genuine interest in the people around them, and one gets the feeling that they are not simply trying to close the next deal, but to find and close the deal that is RIGHT for you.” – Avram J, Johannesburg