About Us

The Maki Group was founded in 2009 as a real estate agency and consultancy working in the Tel Aviv luxury property market. We advise clients from all over the globe looking to move and invest in Tel Aviv, one of the most exciting, thriving, and forward thinking cities in the world. Our focus is on the procurement of exceptional homes and unique investments for our clients via a bespoke and personalized service rarely seen in Israel.

Comprised of an international team of expatriate real estate professionals, we pride ourselves on our embracing of the professional and service philosophies of Europe & North America, providing our clients with a high-calibre professional service in native English, German, French, Greek, & Hebrew.

Our company was founded when we saw a gap in the Tel Aviv’s opaque real estate market. Information and service in the property business are the key to success, and we found the city to be lacking the same level we had been accustomed to abroad and resolved to fix it. We strive to provide our client base with something different.

We have been privileged to work with discerning clients from every part of the world in all fields, including successful businesspeople, journalists, investors, actors, diplomats, athletes, hoteliers, and artists. Our approach is tailored to suit each client, with our team dedicated to the sourcing the very best properties that Tel Aviv has to offer, adding value to our clients time and bottom line.

This service is built upon a deep and lasting personal relationship with our clients. We go through great lengths to get to know each of our clients, in order to best ensure a successful outcome. Being an independent boutique estate agency allows us to invest the time and thought into our clients, a level of personal service rarely found amongst our larger competitors.