Merkaz Hair – Tel Aviv’s City Center

Merkaz Hair – Tel Aviv’s City Center

 Merkaz Hair, the City Center of Tel Aviv is the city’s most populous and contains many of the Bauhaus buildings that the city is famous for. 

Roughly bound by Bograshov Street to the South, Arlozorov Street to the North, the Mediterranean to the West, and Derekh Menachem Begin to the East, the City Center is filled with many of Tel Aviv’s landmarks, institutions, and centers of importance. Home to Dizengoff Street, Rabin Square, Dizengoff Center, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and Ichilov Hospital, every visitor to Tel Aviv surely has experienced its city center. Sprawling and busy, Merkaz Hair is truly the place the experience Tel Aviv like a Tel Avivian. Real estate prices in the neighborhood have been steadily been rising over the past decade, in both rental and purchase transactions. New construction can be found all throughout the area, from restoration of historic buildings, to luxury high-rises geared towards foreign buyers.

Landmarks: Rabin Square, the Israeli Opera, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Dizengoff Center, Gan Hair, Bauhaus Center

Featured Restaurants: Brasserie M&R, the Bakery, Moon, Thai House

Featured Shops: Habitat, Bookworm, Carlito’s

Featured Nightlife: Armadillo Cerveza, Dizzy Frishdon, HaMaoz

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