The Thai House | Tel Aviv Restaurants

The Thai House | Tel Aviv Restaurants

Despite Israelis’ love for Asian cuisine, Tel Aviv is sorely lacking in high quality Asian eateries, with most places simply serving mainstream, westernized versions of a variety of dishes from throughout Northeast and Southeast Asia. The Thai House (Beit HaThailandi) steps out of the traditional Tel Aviv Asian food doldrums, offering to customers delicious, authentic, and visually stunning Thai food. Owned and operated by an Israel-Thai couple, the Thai House has been open since 1996, making it one of Tel Aviv’s oldest Asian restaurants, and once you’ve tasted their food, you’ll understand why.

In order to serve authentic Thai specialties, the restaurant has taken the pains to establish their own herb and spice garden adjacent to the restaurant, where they grow Pakau, Pak Bong, Makua Praw, Bak Choy, and other unique herbs that can only be found in the Thai House. Not only do they offer a deep menu of your Thai favorites, but can also prepare almost anything from the Thai kitchen upon request. Make sure to try the Yam-Pla Muk (Calamari Salad), Nam Took Moo (beef with mint, hot pepper, coriander, lime, and sticky rice), Gaeng Kiao Waan (Coconut milk stew with chicken). Truly one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv, the Thai House is open 7 days a week, the restaurant also offers generously business lunch specials.

The Thai House (Beit haThailandi)

Bograshov 8, Tel Aviv – Merkaz (City Center)

03.517.8568 for reservations