Shilah – Sharon Cohen’s Mediterranean Kitchen | Tel Aviv Restaurants

Shilah – Sharon Cohen’s Mediterranean Kitchen | Tel Aviv Restaurants

One of the city’s best kept secrets, Shilah serves up some of the most innovative, inspiring, and beautiful food in Tel Aviv. Originally hailing from Jerusalem, the chef proprietor, Sharon Cohen, combines the traditional Jerusalem flavors of his childhood with the rich and varied seafood of the Mediterranean, creating unique and fresh dishes, making him worthy to be considered amongst the leaders of the country’s developing culinary scene. Shilah is the best of both worlds, being on the one hand an inventive and avant-garde restaurant in every way, and on the other hand being a stylish and romantic night spot with a stocked bar with world-class cocktails and impressive wine list.

Cohen’s ever changing menu features not only full courses, like his trademark seafood risotto with mussels and bacon,  high quality meat dishes, and whole fish and seafood mixes served in the pan, but also smaller plates of seafood, meat, and small fish on the plancha, various carpaccio and tartare, and pasta specialities, providing something for everyone, from a casual nosh to full blown meals. The open kitchen brings the excitement of the chefs to the diner and night goer,  with the  spacious terrace creating an element of open space, making Shilah a most chic and sexy spot to enjoy on a beautiful Tel Aviv evening.

Shilah : 182 Ben Yehuda St – The Old North (Tzafon haYashan), Tel Aviv

Telephone: 057.944.3260 for reservations


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